Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Garden of Friendship

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Would your friends say this about you?

"(Fill in the blank) is a great friend. I can always count on her, and I know she cares about me."

In the weeks ahead, I'll be posting some tips on ways to water the garden of friendship. Once you've planted those initial seeds, you can't just take off and expect the garden to grow. I haven't always done as much as I could to cultivate my garden, so let's learn together!

I guess from the graphic on the top of this post, you already know that I am going to suggest that you plan a little tea party for you and a friend. The above picture shows three young women, but why not pick one friend and spend some really great quality time with her?

It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive at all. In these modern days of blogging, IM and email, maybe we don't communicate face to face as much as we could. Believe me, I use all these forms every day in my daily life, so I'm not putting them down!

Here are five steps to get you started:

1. Pick a friend that you haven't "caught up" with lately.

2. Send her a little invitation -- in the mail :-)

3. Brew a perfect pot of tea, make sandwiches, and something sweet!

4. Start your time with prayer. Pray that your speech would be edifying to the Lord.

5. Spend some time with her, talking and listening.

Enjoy yourself! You can get as creative or simple as you like!

If you have a tea party, and happen to get some good snapshots of it (I love pictures), email them to me at I don't know, maybe they'll get posted!


Sara said...

What a sweet idea Bev! I'll send you pictures if I do have a tea party any time soon. Thanks for the suggestion!

Neesie said...

Wonderful idea! I wish I could do it. I can't wait for your next post on lonliness. I'm sure that it will be edifying for many of us. :-) I know it will to me.

Beka said...

Wonderful idea! I love the picture you used.