Thursday, December 13, 2007

My wish for all of you ...

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Dearest girls,
This Christmas, I wish for you ...
... a renewed appreciation for the gift of Him.
... happy times with friends and family.
... cozy days with a blanket, something hot to drink and a good book.
... many opportunities to bless others as you continually bless me.
Lots of love,
see you after Christmas

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

One of those Weeks ...

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Have you ever had one of those "off" weeks? I am having one this week. For example, today I attempted to make bread as I try to do once a week. I let the dough rise, and punched it down. Then I shaped it into loaves and let it rise again. It looked delicious and smelled even better. However, when I opened the oven to look at my masterpiece, it had risen to an almost gargantuan size. It was ruined.

One thing after another seemed to happen today, and I must admit that I was getting discouraged! Its been a tough week - you can read more about that at my other blog.

What should I have done? I should have stopped and prayed. I should have remembered Isaiah 40:31. I should have whispered Galatians 6:9 to myself.

What did I do? I am ashamed to say that I hid. I put Lena in her crib with a basket of books for quiet time, and I ran downstairs to wrap myself in my cozy blanket. It was only after I spent 10 minutes stewing about all the things that needed to be done, that I remembered...

To pray.
To ask forgiveness from the Lord.
To recall His promises.
To laugh at myself.
To fold up that blanket and start tackling the things I needed to do.

So my dear sister - friends, as you deal with schoolwork, other commitments, difficulties and trials, remember to reflect on His promises. He is faithful.