Wednesday, April 16, 2008



Today I went out looking for something to wear to a work function I am going to with my husband. I already knew I'd have a hard time because my belly is starting to pooch out, but I'm not quite big enough for my maternity dresses.

I was so saddened! I guess I haven't gone clothes shopping in a while. Sigh. Everything was low, short, strapless, and otherwise unacceptable.

I really like
this website. There are a passel of websites with modest clothing, or patterns, if you are a sewer. There are articles about modesty as well.

Before I was married, I used to model my outfits for my dad before leaving the house in them. He was very frank about what was acceptable to wear. I am thankful for a husband who does the same for me now. Sometimes he'll make me bend over or reach up in the air to test a top before we leave the house!

How do you find modest clothing? Do you sew your own clothes?


Ella said...

I have had to make my clothes more often than not to meet my modesty requirements. It is very annoying. I would prefer buying them online, but with being so small, it is very difficult to know what sizes. (I still get away in the girl's department.) Oh to wear clothes from the 1940's!

L. said...

I wear a uniform every day for school, but it definitely is hard to find modest clothes. I guess it's important to buy a few camisoles and little sweaters. :)

Beverly said...

Ella, yes! I am also very petite, and even now can fit into girls sizes. I'm glad you can make your clothes - I am not that talented in the sewing department!

Laura, I agree. I always have to wear camisoles under my shirts nowadays :-)

Jennifer Bogart said...

I am not a talented sewer, but I am sometimes blessed to find modest clothing in the second hand stores. I have been able to purchase some used nursing shirts (not all have been modest) in bulk lots at a good price. has modest clothing for sale at reasonable prices as well (mostly second hand).

I just don't shop at regular stores anymore for myself. I SHOULD learn to sew, but right now I'm just piece mealing my wardrobe together!

Sara said...

yes, camisoles are a MUST with most of the clothing nowadays. Because I'm tall, I have a problem with cute summer dresses...they always look too short on me.