Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm back with pictures!

We had a wonderful vacation, and last week I wanted to post, but found myself disorganized and needing to get myself back into the swing of things. Then Lena got pretty sick and needed a lot of extra attention.

Here are some pictures of our time ... sorry if you've already seen my other blog ... there's an overlap.

The first night, Lena slept with us because we hadn't borrowed our friend's crib yet. Hubby and I barely slept because we have a very wild sleeper for a daughter!

Lena's first carousel ride was at the zoo. She loved it - and I actually did too!

Lena got a chance to feed the ducks at the zoo.

Lena "read" the whole week long - wherever we went - she had a book or five!

Lena and my husband - she is about to get kissed!


Ella said...

It looks like you all ahad a wonderful time!

L. said...

lovely pictures! thanks for posting them!!

Terra Hangen said...

What fun Lena and mommy and dad are having.
Thanks for the fun photos.