Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Imitate Christ

The Lord Jesus "is altogether lovely." Then if I want to be lovely, I must be like Him, and the model for me as a Christian is Christ. Copy Jesus: "He is altogether lovely." We want to have Christ's zeal, but we must balance it with His prudence and discretion. We must seek to have Christ's love for God, and we must feel His love for men, His forgiveness of injury, His gentleness of speech, His incorruptible truthfulness, His consecration to His Father's business.

Oh, that we had all this! For depend on it--whatever other pattern we select, we have made a mistake; we are not following the true classic model of the Christian artist. Our master model is the "altogether lovely" one. How sweet it is to think of our Lord in the double aspect as our example and our Savior! Oh, when I come to my Lord Jesus, not only do I get rid of my sins, but also I see my spots in the light of His perfect character; and I am humbled and taught to follow after holiness.

~Charles Spurgeon

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