Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blog Feature: Bethany

I first met Bethany through her older sister Elise, who is one of my dear bloggy friends. Bethany is a very busy young lady who has a heart for the Lord. She takes incredible pictures and loves her family very much.

Bethany has three blogs:

  1. For His Glory, which is her main blog.

  2. The World Through a Camera Lense, which features some of her lovely photography.

  3. Simple Tidbits of Truth, which has quotes and excerpts of books that she is reading.

By all means, go visit Bethany and peruse some of her posts. Here is one of my favorites for starters:

Created To Be Their Helpmeet


Ella said...

Bethany is very sweet. Although we didn't land at their church, I got a chance to meet her.....which was nice =)

Beverly said...

Really? That's wonderful! I didn't know the two of you had met in real life!

Maxine said...

Very nice. I'm glad to have had her as a blog friend. Think I'll go see her now!